About MOPS of Darlington County

MOPS stands for "Mothers of Preschoolers,” but don't let the name fool you! EBC MOPS is about meeting the needs of every mom with a child[age conception through kindergarten]. Whether you're urban, suburban, rural, stay-at-home, working, teen, adoptive, special-needs, single, or married, EBC MOPS group is for you! At EBC MOPS, being a mom is what brings us together. We want to include you in our supportive and loving community of moms. We are friends who lift each other up on a daily basis. We want to help you be a better mom to your kids, grow in your walk with the Lord, and have the mommy time that you need! The early years of being a mom are just as foundational to you as they are to your baby, and these years are filled with unique needs that other moms understand. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us! 

MEETINGS: EBC MOPS meets at Emmanuel Baptist Church on the 2nd Tuesday night of every month[except Sept/October meetings will be the 3rd Tuesday night], from 630-830pm. Some of our meetings may include a speaker, small group discussion, crafts, and a devotional. All of our meetings include food, fellowship, & fun! We meet at:
Emmanuel Baptist Church
949 N Marquis Hwy
Hartsville, SC 29550
(843) 332-2271

PLAY DATES and MOM TIME: We have group play dates scheduled every month. The locations of these play dates varies. Sometimes we meet at the play zone, McDonald’s, or at a local park. We also have moms night outs each month, where we get to leave the kiddos at home and enjoy fellowship with other moms. We have anything from special event nights, dinner out on the town, popcorn and a movie, etc. 

OUR PURPOSE: EBC MOPS is part of MOPS International. As stated on its website, www.mops.org, MOPS International is a Christian nonprofit organization that believes in working with local churches to maximize ministry opportunities for God’s Kingdom. MOPS groups are chartered in churches of many different denominations, but all share the common desire to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring glory to God in everything. The purpose statement of EBC MOPS is the same as that of MOPS International. EBC MOPS exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please feel free to contact us at mopsebc@gmail.com, and join our Darlington County MOPS group on Facebook

INVITATION: Come and spend time with other women who can relate to you and will accept you just the way you are. We would love to support you in your mothering efforts! Bring a friend, and remember, mopsebc@gmail.com.